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  My child:

  • does not seem to progress like the others. He/she is behind in academic performance.
  • has not mastered his/her phonics despite being consistently taught (poor speller).
  • is different after his/her injury or illness, his/her social behavior has changed.
  • reads accurately, but does not seem to understand what he/she reads.
  • studies extensively his/her material, but seems to forget easily.
  • cannot follow more than one instruction at a time.
  • fails to take notes in school (or they are incomplete).
  • forgets what he/she is told to do.
  • is very slow and takes too long to complete homework (or other tasks).
  • has a poor handwriting.
  • does well with homework and class participation, but consistently fails on tests.
  • was told that he/she has attention problems, but can stay hours in front of the TV or video games.
  • hates school.
  • does well in most subjects, but not in math.
  • is smart, has good grades, but has difficulty making friends in school.
  • can remember irrelevant things, but forgets the important ones.
  • has real problems prioritizing and can spend hours on something that will not give him any benefit.
  • is very smart, but his/her performance in school does not reflect that.will not give him any benefit.
  • does not seem to improve in academics, despite all the tutoring and support received

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