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The neuropsychological assessment is done over several sessions (between three to four sessions), to make sure that I obtain the best possible performance from the child. The assessment explores the relationship between brain and behavior and draws a profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses and a specific diagnosis if appropriate. The most important part, however, is the description of the child's unique pattern of performance. Emotional aspects are also assessed and medical and developmental history are always considered when giving a diagnosis. 


I try to finish the assessment within ten days, and usually get the report out immediately. I participate in school meetings per request. The testing takes place mainly early in the morning, when the child is not tired. Some testing that does not specifically target attention and concentration may be administered in the afternoon (sensory motor skills or self-reports).

Possible diagnoses that often result from a Neuropsychological Assessment are listed on the page of Neuropsychological Assessment.

I charge a flat fee for the whole assessment process. Please refer to the Rates and Insurance page for more information.



I review previous assessments to provide my diagnostic impression or a more in depth analyisis of the results. This analysis is particularly useful when extensive psychoeducational assessment has been already done. You may read the page of Common Referral Questions to review typical concerns that lead to a neuropsychological assessment or a consultation.

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