Neuropsychological Assessment

Possible diagnoses that result from a Neuropsychological Assessment are:

  •  Dyslexia (or Reading Disorder)
  •  Dyscalculia (or Math Disorder)
  •  Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  •  Non-Verbal Learning Disorder
  •  Executive Dysregulation
  •  Post Concussion Syndrome (especially Sport Concussion) 
  •  Dysgraphia (Deficit in the ability to write)
  •  Developmental Coordination Disorder
  •  Autism Spectrum Disorder
  •  Language Disorder
  •  Sensory Integration Disorder
  •  Intellectual Disability
  •  Global Developmental Delay
  •  Cognitive impairments related to substance abuse
  •  Cognitive impairments related to medical conditions, medical treatments or post-surgical

I do not assess for Central Auditory Processing Disorder, since it has to be assessed by an audiologist. However, I do administer screening tests, when necessary, that will allow me to make the proper referral. For a detailed information on the assessment process, please read the page of Services Provided  Please refer to the Rates and Insurance page for more information on the cost of the Neuropsychological Assessment.

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